FCC unifies the self-approval procedures, “Verification” and DoC “Declaration of Conformity”,  into a single process “Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity” or (SDoC)

The FCC feels replacing these two processes with one,  will provide a unified process for the authorization of those RF devices that are well-suited for self-approval.  i.e. equipment that has a strong record of compliance and for which there is minimal risk of harmful interference.

The FCC will also eliminate the currently imposed requirement for displaying the FCC logo for all equipment approved under SDoC that is currently imposed only on DoC certification procedure.  The FCC will permit the logo to be included with other information provided to the user instead of being displayed on the device itself.

ET Docket No. 15-170  – First Report and Order – Adopted 7/13/2017

The entire docket may be found at: Here