Consumer and Industrial Electronics Testing

Obtaining certifications for compliance can be such a long, tedious, and costly process. Luckily, Compliance Testing is committed to making this mandatory step as simple and easy as possible by opening doors for your products to obtain market access quickly allowing you to grow your revenue as fast as possible.

In the United States, all consumer and industrial electronics manufacturers cannot display their electronic products in the market until they have complied with all of the mandatory certification requirements as provided by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). These certifications are crucial to consumers of your product, guaranteeing quality and compliance to all marks and standards needed for both the local and international markets.

Compliance Testing Offers a Range of Testing Services

There are several types of electronic product certifications for electronics as required by different regulatory environments. Notably, the specific regulatory requirements for your product will depend on the country the product is exported to. If the intended market for your electronic product is the US market, the crucial certifications you need are the FCC requirements for electronics and UL, CSA, and IEC/EN standards. If you are targeting any of the European countries, your product must meet CE standards for electronics, with WEEE and RoHS. Our compliance testing is designed to cover all of these certifications while enabling you to penetrate both the local and international markets with ease. Some of the exceptional testing services that we offer include:

Testing for IoT & IIoT Devices

Internet of Things (IoT) continues to evolve and gain global acceptance in a wide range of applications. According to, the number of active Internet of Things connected devices is expected to hit 30.9 billion units by the end of 2025. The IoT market is also expected to reach USD 1,854.76 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 25.4% during the forecast period. Today there is an increasing need to deliver better, safer, and efficient wireless devices. If you are an IoT device manufacturer wishing to take advantage of this growth, you will definitely benefit from our testing services designed to help shorten the time to the market.

IoT testing revolves around security, analytics, device, networks, processors, operating systems, platforms, and standards. The types of testing that our experts conduct on IoT devices may include:

  • Usability testing: Usability testing involves testing the device and its components rigorously to ensure it works and is easy to use. Usability testing involves determining whether the product meets the measurable goals set forth by the regulators.

  • Compatibility testing: Essentially, several devices are connected through an IoT system. These devices come with various software and hardware configurations, presenting huge requirements for compatibility. We will help test your IoT system compatibility to ensure it meets the industry standards.

  • Security testing: In any IoT environment, several users access massive amounts of data from various devices. It is important to determine how you validate a user via authentication. As part of our security testing, we will also test the robustness of your data privacy controls.

Testing for Audio/Visual Equipment

Products from both the audio/video sectors go through constant technological progress to meet the changing needs of the consumers. Our testing and certifications let your consumers know that your products meet these expectations. Our testing covers various areas, from checking conformity with FCC and European Directives to other components that supports access to international markets, including energy efficiency, eco-design, and green product features.

Our services are specifically designed to help you prove a high-quality standard for your innovative products and document the fulfillment of legal requirements and commitment to sustainability efforts. We will leverage our experience in testing and certification of audio and video products to provide you with individually tailored solutions.

Our experts are ready to provide you with exceptional guidance from product development and individual product testing to the export of goods to international markets to ensure your product doesn’t fail the compliance requirements by different countries.

Testing for Oil & Gas Sensors

Oil and gas sensors protect workers in oil and gas plants by warning them if there is a toxic or combustible gas leak. Flammable gas detectors are widely used in mines, chemical plants, oil fields, smelting plants, and other industrial applications, as well as hotels and other domestic situations. Since gas detectors are categorized as electrical equipment, they must fulfill the relevant requirements for operating in potentially explosive areas outlined by the FCC and the European Directives.

At Compliance Testing, we have supported many manufacturers of gas sensors to achieve compliance and increase their products’ safety and reliability. No matter the type of device you are bringing to the market, our experts are ready to help you usher your innovative product to the market quickly and efficiently.

Testing for Smart Agriculture

There is no doubt Smart Farming and IoT-driven agriculture is paving the way for the Third Green Revolution. A recent study reveals the global market value of smart agriculture worldwide is forecasted to reach around USD 19,625 million dollars by 2021.

Smart farming incorporates information and communication technologies into machinery, equipment, and sensors used in agricultural production systems. Technologies like the IoT and cloud computing are now playing an integral role in integrating robotics and AI with farming. Essentially, there are various regulations from supervisory authorities to abide by when producing, importing, selling, or exporting smart farming tools.

If you are an AgriTech provider, you understand too well the only way to get your product to the market is by meeting all compliance requirements set forth by the regulators. Whether you are developing precision spraying drones, autonomous farm vehicles, or new advanced plant breeding tools, Compliance Testing is committed to helping you meet the industry and market standards quickly and efficiently. Our testing services focus on integral areas that your device must meet for quick approval, including robust data security, device interoperability, data privacy, and other legal requirements.

Testing for Smart Forestry Devices

Forests are increasingly becoming technologized sites of data collection, processing, and analysis. Sensors and robots that utilize AI and ML are transforming forest management through data collection and analysis. The digital technologies installed on tree trunks and embedded in forest soil provide crucial insights into an ecosystem’s overall health and safety.

If you are a developer of forest technologies, including IoT devices such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones, fire sensors, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) scanning, and more, there is a need to ensure your product complies with the regulatory standards.

At Compliance Testing, we will subject your product to a range of tests, including performance testing, security testing, data integrity testing, reliability and scalability testing, and usability testing.

Our tests are designed to help you achieve all the requirements needed before proceeding with marketing and other important activities.

Testing for Smart Pet Devices

With digital technology revolutionizing all areas of our lives, it is no surprise that pet parents are going digital. The Pet tech market has been expanding rapidly in recent years thanks to a need for smart pet products that provide added safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Currently, most pets are already leveraging smart devices to stay more connected with their pets throughout the day.

With the recent revelations that 68% of American households own pets, there is no doubt that the smart pet devices market presents exciting prospects for manufacturers in this niche. However, the only pathway to the market is by meeting all laid down standards and regulations by the FCC, European Directives and other regulators.

Whether you are developing smart toys, collars, leashes, beds, carriers, bowls and feeders, cameras, apparel, fashion, or litter boxes, partnering with Compliance Testing is a sure way to get to the market fast. Our experts will test your devices against all industry standards to ensure you are meeting all the requirements for faster approval.

Get Help from Compliance Testing for Faster Approval

Electronic product compliance and testing guarantee the reliability and safety of your product. Testing also ensures it meets the existing standards and specifications for faster approval and time to the market. A failure in certification testing can stop your product development process prematurely, resulting in high costs and frustrating delays in releasing your product.

At Compliance Testing, our mission since 1963 has been to help you prevent non-compliance by providing the necessary tests and evaluations as per UL, CSA, IEC/EN standards and others. Our experts understand all the markers required by different governments and have the skills, expertise, and resources to guarantee exceptional product safety testing and compliance. Our testing process is designed to allow you to be part of the compliance certification process from the start. All the tests are carried out at your facility and not ours to guarantee maximum collaboration. Contact us today to learn more.

We can answer your questions and let you know the costs associated with EMI/EMC testing and other compliance processes.