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All major markets, including the United States and the European Union (EU), have regulations that manufacturers of electronic devices are required to follow.

In the European Union, the Radio Equipment Directive, or RED, plays a major role in ensuring that radio equipment meets certain standards for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and use of the radio spectrum.

If you plan to market your radio and/or other electronic device in the European Union, it’s very likely that your device will need to complete RED testing before entering the market.

The RED testing process involves several steps, including testing your device for safety, EMC and radio performance. It also involves submitting a Declaration of Conformity (DoC), affirming that your device meets all required standards.

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Radio Equipment Directive (RED): The Basics

The Radio Equipment Directive is a regulation established by the EU to ensure that any radio equipment sold within its jurisdiction meets certain standards for user safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and effective use of the radio spectrum.

Although it contains the term “radio,” RED doesn’t only apply to radio transmitters or receivers. In fact, RED applies to a large range of devices that can emit radiofrequency signals, including cell phones, radio-controlled toys, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Wi-Fi equipment.

These products need to complete RED testing before they can legally go onto the market in the European Union.

Just like FCC regulations in the United States, failing to comply with RED standards can result in penalties for manufacturers, importers and distributors, including fines, product recalls, legal actions and a prohibition on the sale of non-compliant products.

Why RED is Important & Affected Devices

RED ensures that radio and wireless devices meet certain standards for safety, interoperability, and efficient use of the radio spectrum. It covers both commercial/industrial devices and home user/consumer devices. 

Devices that fall under the purview of the Radio Equipment Directive include:

  • Smartphones and other cellular devices.
  • Cordless home phones and communications devices.
  • Short-range wireless products, such as baby monitors or garage door openers.
  • Wi-Fi devices, such as wireless routers and access points.
  • Radio-controlled toys and devices, such as cars, boats and drones.
  • Wireless wearable devices, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers.
  • Devices with Bluetooth functionality, such as speakers or computer peripherals.
  • Devices that receive a satellite signal, such as satellite TV receivers or GPS devices.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as appliances, thermostats and other items. 
  • Wireless headsets, microphones and other audio equipment. 

Ensuring these devices function correctly is critical for everything from avoiding interference at home (for example, disruptions to your TV or cell phone signal) to making sure equipment can work effectively in industrial, commercial and medical settings.

How to Complete RED Testing for Your Device

As specialists in lab testing and certification for electronic devices, we can help you complete the RED testing process and obtain compliance for your device.

RED testing involves several steps, including:

  • Safety testing. This testing involves checking that your device won’t pose any risks to end users, such as harm caused by emissions from electromagnetic fields (EMF).
  • EMC testing. This testing checks and verifies that your device doesn’t emit unwanted electromagnetic noise and disturbance that could affect other devices.
  • Radio testing. This testing ensures your device has efficient radio performance and is unlikely to interfere with other services. 

After completing RED testing and ensuring your device is compliant, you’ll need to prepare a technical document package and draw up a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) confirming your product complies with all applicable RED standards.

Following RED testing and the preparation of your DoC, your device can legally carry the CE mark required for sale in the European Union. 

Achieve RED Compliance With Our Expert Team

As specialists in EMC testing and compliance with EU regulations, we can help you successfully complete RED testing, prepare a Declaration of Conformity, and bring your product to market in the European Union. 

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