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Wireless devices can produce radiofrequency (RF) emissions that may expose humans to RF energy, causing thermal effects in the body and health issues.

Specific absorption rate testing, or SAR testing, measures the rate at which RF energy from a device is absorbed by the body. It’s an important step in testing that your device is safe to use and able to comply with regulations from bodies such as the FCC or EU.

As specialists in electronic device testing, we can carry out SAR testing for your device to help you achieve user safety and full legal compliance with FCC, EU and other regulations.

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What is SAR Testing?

SAR testing is a form of product testing that involves measuring the rate at which RF energy from your device is absorbed by the body.

During this type of testing, your device is operated at its maximum power level in a range of tested frequency bands. A tissue-simulating model is used to measure the effects of RF in a way that mimics the response of human tissue.

Using special measuring equipment, this allows us to accurately measure the RF field levels produced by your device and determine how much energy is absorbed in different locations.

These results are then compared to the maximum values allowed under regulations from the FCC, EU and other regulatory organizations.

Why is SAR Testing Important?

SAR testing is critical for ensuring your device is safe for end users. When a device emits an excessive amount of RF energy, it can cause localized heating within body tissue and cause tissue damage, particularly in areas with poor blood flow.

This damage from RF exposure may occur with devices that are held close to the user’s body, such as mobile phones, tablets and radio transmitters.

SAR testing ensures that your device complies with existing standards and is safe for users to operate without potentially developing health issues.

It’s also critical for making sure your device is legal to enter the market. For example, the FCC mandates that devices including mobile phones, tablets, wearable devices, laptops and others require SAR testing in order to achieve regulatory compliance.


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We Offer SAR Testing for:

  • WiFi Devices
  • IOT Devices
  • Push-to-Talk Radios
  • Smartphones & Other Mobile Devices
  • Tablets
  • WiFi Routers & Devices
  • Cordless Phones
  • Bluetooth Headsets
  • Wearable Devices
  • Body Cameras
  • Medical Devices
  • And many others…..

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