Product Safety Certification & Testing

Product safety compliance is essential for all electronics companies. Non-compliance to all the NRTL and CE/Low voltage/General product safety  safety markers set by the government can get you fined, or your business loss of revenue. At Compliance Testing, our goal is to help companies achieve required testing for all the requirements manufactures need, so they can proceed with marketing and other important activities. We offer worldwide compliance testing and have working relationships with NTRLs and NTRL labs to help you obtain the necessary marks and certifications.

Some of the areas we cover include:

  • Low Voltage Directive – Compliance Testing, provides robust safety testing you can use to prove that your products are safe and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.
  • Machinery Directive – We can perform all tests and evaluations provided in the Machinery Directive. Compliance Testing, will finish the testing in our labs or your facility.
  • General Product Service Directive – Compliance Testing, will provide the testing services required under the General Safety Directive to ensure your products meet the set standards.
  • UL Standard Testing – We will help you obtain necessary NTRL marks and stamps in line with the UL Standards. This compliance certificate is required of all companies selling products in the United States.
  • CSA Testing – This is the UL equivalent in Canada. Essentially, if you sell products in Canada, you must obtain NTRL certification marks following the applicable standards CSA outlines.
  • Field Evaluation – Compliance Testing, can provide In-situ testing services for the CE mark. We will test, evaluate and label your products wherever you are to help you comply with all mandatory product safety standards.
  • IEC Testing – Compliance Testing, can help you test electrical products to ensure they meet the applicable IEC standards.
  • Medical Devices – Our team will provide the necessary testing and evaluation required to meet safety standards set for medical devices.

Compliance Testing Capabilities

Compliance Testing, aims to help you prevent non-compliance by providing the necessary tests and evaluations as per UL, CSA and IEC/EN standards. We offer worldwide product safety testing and understand all markers required by the different governments. Our compliance testing also includes design review, which evaluates your products in the initial design and prototyping stages. This allows your company to be part of the compliance certification process from the start and we can achieve it at your facility or ours. We also offer compliance testing for hazardous locations.

Debugging and Documentation

Compliance Testing, seeks to identify and fix non-compliance through a series of evaluations. Our goal is to provide a fast turnaround for product safety testing and certification, so you can market the product. Once all tests are done, we produce comprehensive documentation of the process, featuring photos, technical files, support documents and construction reviews, among other parts.

Product Types

Compliance Testing can help you test information technology equipment (ITE), test and measurement equipment, scientific and industrial equipment. Other products include lighting equipment, audio/video equipment, medical devices, household appliances, electric tools, electrical laboratory equipment and electrical control equipment.

Trusted Product Safety Certification and Testing

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you meet compliance requirements for all your products? Compliance Testing, LLC offers premium product safety testing and certifications. We can help you obtain all the necessary stamps for your products and have a global reach, offering companies NRTL and CE/Low voltage/General product safety compliance testing. Contact us today to find out more about product safety certification and testing.