We provide affordable EMC testing services without compromising on quality. Our experts will work hard to obtain the relevant certifications for your devices. We will also provide you with regular updates at every stage of the process. Count on us to provide services that exceed your expectations even when you have a tight budget.

Compliance Testing is a reliable partner when it comes to testing your devices before launching them. We prioritize our customer needs, which is why we conduct EMC testing with the end-user in mind.

EMC testing serves two main purposes: it minimizes the chance that emissions from your device will interfere with other electronic products nearby. The test also ensures that your product will operate normally when there are other sources of electromagnetic emissions in the vicinity. It is important to conduct a pre-compliance test to detect defects early and make the necessary changes to your devices.

What is EMC testing?

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing measures the amount of electromagnetic noise and disturbance generated by a device to ensure it does not interfere with the normal operation of other equipment in that environment. This test also helps to establish whether the equipment will function as intended in its electromagnetic environment.

Why choose Compliance Testing

To ensure your products meet high standards of quality, you should consider working with an experienced testing partner. We have put in place measures to ensure that all our clients get reliable testing services from us.

Here is why you should work with us:

Lab accreditation

We are an accredited lab that will not only perform the testing process correctly but also provide you with accurate EMC readings. Our independence and objectivity when testing electronic products ensure integrity at all stages of the process. We are also continuously working on improving our testing services to meet the needs of our clients.

Technical expertise

Compliance Testing has been in business for over 50 years. Today, we have qualified engineers and experts who will carry out EMC tests on your products. Our experience and knowledge of what is required in terms of EMC standards put us in a great position to do thorough testing.

One destination for all tests

When you choose us for your EMC testing needs, you will enjoy the convenience of having all your tests done in one place. We also strive to prioritize our customers’ needs and ensure the entire process is completed in time so you can launch your product according to schedule.

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