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EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, refers to your electronic product’s ability to operate without affecting other, nearby devices. To sell your product legally in most markets, it needs to undergo EMC testing and certification.

We provide affordable EMC testing services without compromising on quality. Our experts will work hard to obtain the relevant certifications for your devices and provide you with regular updates at every stage of the process, allowing you to receive all relevant certifications and take your product to market.

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Your product needs to comply with EU/UKCA regulations for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) to meet CE requirements. Compliance Testing is a reliable partner when it comes to testing your devices before going to market.

EU/UKCA and other countries require EMC testing for a couple reasons. First, it minimizes the chance that emissions from your device will interfere with other electronic products nearby. Second, EMC testing also ensures that your product will operate normally when there are other sources of electromagnetic emissions in its vicinity. Conducting a pre-compliance test can help you detect any defects in your product early and make the necessary changes prior to final compliance testing and approval.

What is EMC Testing?

Electromagnetic compatibility testing measures the amount of electromagnetic noise and disturbance that’s generated by a device. This type of test helps to ensure that your device cannot interfere with the normal operation of other equipment in the same environment. It also helps to establish whether the equipment will function as intended in its electromagnetic environment.

This type of testing is critical to ensure that devices don’t interrupt the operation of industrial machinery, medical equipment and other critical devices that need to function safely and reliably.

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“Compliance Testing, LLC’s division, FCC Certification, did an excellent job with our products. I applaud their way of getting tasks done in a timely manner with excellent quality to support it. Your company has exceeded our expectations.” 

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Types of Regulatory Testing We Offer

  • FCC – US
  • IC – Industry Canada
  • ETSI – EU Radio Testing
  • EMC – Emission & Immunity – EU
  • Research and Development
  • Pre-Scans
  • Product Safety
  • SAR (RF Exposure)
  • OTA
  • P25
  • P25 Interop testing

How You’ll Benefit From Working With Us:

Get All Your Tests in One Place

When you choose us for your EMC testing needs, you’ll  enjoy the convenience of having all your tests done in a single place. In addition to EMC testing, we offer complete FCC testing and complance, CE testing and other testing services.

Instead of having to work with multiple testing labs, you can complete all of your tests and receive certification for your product from a single accredited lab.

Fully Accredited Lab

Compliance Testing is an accredited lab that ensures the integrity and independence of the compliance testing process. Our qualified engineers and experts specialize in testing, non compliance solutions and certification. Over the years, we’ve built credibility and trust through the compentecy of our engineers.

60 Years of Experience

We’ve been in business since 1963 and have worked with many notable brands to acquire FCC, CE and other certification marks. Our highly experienced engineers and testing experts are conversant with all relevant regulations and marking requirements and are ready to help you with everything you need to test your product and take it to market.

We can answer your questions and let you know the costs associated with EMI/EMC testing and other compliance processes.