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In a laboratory environment, it’s critical that different electronic devices can function together, without issues caused by electromagnetic interference.

IEC/EN 61326-1 is a standard designed by the International Electrotechnical Commission. It’s part of a multi-series standard that sets electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for devices used in measurement and testing, control and laboratory settings.

As a manufacturer, achieving compliance with IEC/EN 61326 demonstrates that your device is safe and suitable for use in a laboratory environment. It’s also critical for regulatory compliance in many markets that use harmonized standards for EMC.

Below, we’ve explained what IEC/EN 61326-1 is, as well as why compliance is important if you manufacture electrical devices. We’ve also listed the steps that you can take to achieve IEC/EN 61326-1 compliance for your product.

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What is IEC/EN 61326-1?

IEC 61326-1 is an international standard set by the IEC regarding electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC. It’s the primary part of the IEC 61326 series of standards, which detail requirements for EMC for equipment designed for measurement, control and/or lab use.

In order to comply with IEC 61326-1, electrical devices need to demonstrate a minimum level of electromagnetic compatibility, meaning they’re able to function normally without being negatively affected by electromagnetic disturbances. 

IEC/EN 61326-1 provides requirements for a wide range of devices, including:

  • Instruments that measure voltages, resistance, current, temperatures and other metrics, such as spectrum analyzers, multimeters, oscilloscopes and other devices.
  • Control equipment used in industrial and laboratory settings, such as logic controllers or distributed control systems.
  • Laboratory equipment designed to test, measure or produce data, such as centrifuges, spectrometers, and other laboratory instruments.
  • Diagnostic equipment, such as devices used to examine and measure specimens in a scientific lab setting.
  • Accessories and peripherals for the above devices.

IEC 61326-1 sets minimum EMC standards for these devices in order to ensure they’re able to function properly in an industrial or lab environment. 

Why is IEC/EN 61326-1 Important?

Without proper electromagnetic compatibility, devices may provide inaccurate readings, operate improperly, or suffer damage. These issues may affect people’s safety in an industrial, scientific or medical environment. 

For example, electromagnetic interference *EMI) from a cell phone could cause a non-compliant medical device to malfunction, potentially putting a person’s health or life at risk.

IEC/EN 61326-1 sets minimum standards for EMC specifically to prevent issues such as these from occurring in lab and/or medical settings, improving safety for workers, patients and others around electrical devices.

In addition to improving safety and ensuring proper device function, IEC/EN 61326 compliance acts as a strong indicator of quality for your device.

Meeting the standard demonstrates that your device has passed rigorous testing and proven its reliability. This can not only strengthen consumer perception of your device — it may also reduce your risk of costly product returns and/or recalls.

Finally, IEC/EN 61326 compliance is a key part of market access in many parts of the world, as many major markets use harmonized standards based on those set by the IEC.

How to Achieve IEC/EN 61326-1 Compliance

Understand the Scope of IEC/EN 61326-1

IEC 61326-1 primarily focuses on EMC requirements for electrical equipment intended for lab use, measurement and/or control. As such, not all electronic devices are affected. 

As an electronic device manufacturer, your first step should be understanding the full scope of IEC/EN 61326-1, including whether or not it affects your device.

Our team can assist you in determining which industry standards affect your electronic device, as well as regulatory requirements from the FCC, EU or other organizations you may need to comply with for market access.

Conduct EMC Pre-Testing & Design

If your device is subject to IEC/EN 61326-1, it’s important to design your equipment to comply with the standard from the beginning of your prototyping and development process.

This may mean making design decisions or selecting components based on EMC capabilities and suitability for your device’s intended environment. Our engineering team can assist you in selecting components and preparing your device for testing.

Carry Out Official EMC Testing for IEC/EN 61326-1

The IEC/EN 61326-1 standards set out clear requirements for your device. In order to achieve compliance, you’ll need to test your device through an accredited testing lab to ensure it meets the minimum requirements specified under the standards. 

As specialists in EMC testing, we can test your device to confirm that it complies with IEC/EN 61326-1. Our accredited lab contains all equipment required for proper testing, and our expert team can prepare detailed reports to help you verify that your device is compliant.

In the event that your device fails testing, we can recommend design and component changes to help you achieve compliance during re-testing. 

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As an electronics manufacturer, understanding and achieving IEC/EN 61326-1 compliance is a critical step in bringing your product to the market. It shows a commitment to quality, safety and that your device is compatible with other lab, measurement and control equipment.

We specialize in device testing and compliance with IEC, EN, FCC and CE regulations and can test your device to ensure it meets the requirements of IEC 61326-1. 

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