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If you are designing, manufacturing, or marketing a device in the US market that transmits in the 2.4GHz band considered as an intentional radiator, that device is subject to FCC certification. A Bluetooth speaker is considered an intentional regulator, meaning it is subject to the FCC’s equipment authorization rules stipulated in FCC Part 15. 

Before you get FCC approval to market your device in the US market, you must book an FCC Part 15 testing for your product or request all relevant test reports from the supplier where applicable. Compliance Testing is the leading EMC/EMI testing lab in the USA, offering comprehensive international testing services to manufacturers needing certification. We test a device for compliance with US, Canadian and European requirements at the same time.

Categories of equipment covered by FFC Part 15 regulations

Part 15 rules cover the following primary categories of equipment:

  • Unintentional radiators: These are devices that emit radio waves as a side effect of their operation. They are typically not designed to generate or emit radio frequency over 9kHz intentionally. However, the unintentional radiator can produce byproducts of radio emissions above 9kHz to cause interference. These products include wrist watches, coffee pots, personal computers, telephones, printers, cash registers, garage door receivers
  • Intentional radiators: These are devices that intentionally generate and emit radio frequency energy through radiation or induction. Examples include wireless alarm systems, cordless telephones, Bluetooth radio devices, and Wi-Fi transmitters. As mentioned earlier, all intentional radiators are subject to the FCC’s requirements. 
  • Licensed services: These are equipment operating at higher power and in specific frequency bands like the 800 MHz band licensed for mobile phones. This equipment must comply with specific rules for the service where it is used.

What does the FCC equipment authorization process entail?

FCC equipment authorization process consists of the following:

  • Testing: devices subject to FCC rules must be tested to determine their compliance with limits on radio emissions. The tests are performed by accredited test facilities such as Compliance Testing.
  • Certification: Although most devices can be marketed after passing the testing process, some require certification or approval. You need to apply to the FCC to get the certifications. Your application must include the test results and product manual. Most intentional radiators, including a Bluetooth speaker, require FCC certification.
  • Labels: Devices subject to FCC Part 15 rules must also be labeled. The labels make it easy for the FCC to identify and track the device in case of interference complaints. The information on labels reveals FCC authorization and warns consumers not to interfere with the product.

How does the FCC Supplier Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) relate to Bluetooth speakers?

The Declaration of Conformity (DoC) shows that a manufacturer or importer of intentional radiator has established that their equipment complies with the applicable standards if the equipment is adequately maintained and operated. In 2017, FCC DoC and FCC Verification were combined. Any importer or manufacturer of Bluetooth speakers sold in the US must issue an SDoC on their device. The FCC states that the SDoC should be presented during marketing or importation. SDoC contains the following information:

  • Company information and contact details
  • Identification of product 
  • Representative name and signature
  • Applicable standards, i.e., FCC Part 15

Get FCC approval with Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing provides clients with the full testing services they need to achieve certification success and get their product on the market quickly. We leverage our vast experience, a state-of-the-art laboratory, and cutting-edge technologies to undertake FCC Certification Testing and Approval for Transmitters and Intentional Radiators such as radios, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and BLE devices. Compliance Testing provides product approval for various countries, including Canada (ISED), the USA (FCC), and Europe (CE Mark). Contact us today to schedule a consultation.