Compliance Testing is a Key Investment in Product Success

When your products are in the field, as part of complex environments with concerns like electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) will they meet expectations? Are there high stakes involved, such as with medical devices and automotive electronics? Compliance testing is a way to ensure your product is ready for the real world. Meeting applicable standards can gain you access to restricted markets, and is necessary for FCC, FDA, and global market readiness. Standards are designed to help you focus on the challenges your product will face, while avoiding the expense of extensive field testing, or costly recalls after release.

Examples of Essential Compliance Testing Scenarios

Medical device and automotive industries both value innovative products, but require stringent compliance testing. Medical facilities are tightly regulated, as are the devices allowed for use by the FDA. Both EMI and EMC are critical concerns, and the cost of unanticipated interference or changes in operation from EMI is often high. In the automotive field, EMC-related interactions are factors both in liability and product recall. System designers expect full compliance testing of products because EMC-related problems often require expensive fault investigations. Testing also helps you ensure your laboratory and controlled testing results are valid “in the wild,” where factors such as rough handling, temperature, and ESD can produce unexpected malfunctions.

Access to Thorough, Objective Testing and Feedback

Compliance testing goes beyond quality assurance and functional testing that you perform in-house. Using certified chips and modules in your own design still requires additional verification. You may have some capabilities for standards testing in your organization. When you want to have a thorough, objective review by credentialed testing professionals, come to us. We’ll help you ensure that the time, energy, and resources you invest in bringing your product to market are supported by confidence that your product is ready to fulfill your goals.

Trimming the Rough Edges and Speeding Time to Market

From consumer electronics to medical devices, the path to market involves important refinements through compliance testing. We can help you be aware of common pitfalls and challenges, and potentially speed your time to market. That’s especially important if you’re in a competitive industry, or need to bring compliance tested products to trade shows.

Confidential Product-Specific Ideas and Expertise

Does your product meet applicable standards for common wired and wireless interfaces such as USB, CAN bus, or BLE? Are cabling or antennas unexpected factors? Our experts provide both compliance testing and the benefit of years of industry experience, in an environment where your company information is protected. If you’ve been developing, prototyping, and looking for confidential feedback on your creation, consulting our experienced and technically astute team could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Real World Results for Your Compliance Tested Products

Until you put your product through compliance testing, your results are theoretical. Let us provide real-world testing in a private laboratory setting, established in 1963. We bring out concerns now, and offer confidence for the future. Even if your product isn’t ready for testing, it’s time to begin the conversation about standards compliance with experienced experts. Give us a call or schedule an appointment and get your product on target with compliance testing today!