Always looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in both business and regulatory bodies, Compliance Testing in Mesa, Arizona has been awarded the 2021 Diversity In Technology Award presented by The World’s Best Connectors. The contest looks to award those who embrace “the best talent, regardless of race, gender, sex, or physical ability.” according to WBC CEO Denise Meridith, who previously served as the first minority & female elected as Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management. 

The award ceremony took place as City of Phoenix Mayor, Kate Gallego, proclaimed the date, “Diversity In Technology Day” in the valley of the sun, startups, semiconductors & advanced manufacturing.

Partnering with Arizona State University, America’s #1 Most Innovative University seven years running, WBC is working to create a group of tech founders, leaders & C-Suite executives from startups to enterprise. These groups are challenging the tech industry to not only talk about DEI but learn how to actually measure & live it. “Best practice sharing, soundboards, and collective problem-solving within our community frontlines is what works”, said Eva Richards of Compliance Testing.  “I want to be my organization’s CEO one day and I know that’s possible, and want to share that with little girls all over. We can do this and the conversation starts here within each of our companies & communities every single day!” Richards added.

Talent Diversity Is Vital to Progress

Within the technology industry lies a concerning lack of diversity and with it a lack of insights and perspectives brought on by different cultures and backgrounds.

  • Less than 7-14% of tech jobs are held by African-Americans
  • Women of all nationalities make up less than 27% of the tech industry’s workforce. 
  • Women-led startups received just 2.3% of Venture Capital Funding in 2020, according to the Harvard Business Review

WBC’s conference helps companies and tech leaders uncover roadblocks within their talent acquisition and retention that are causing a lack of diversity, and the value it adds. Leading up to the conference, WBC held a competition recognizing tech companies that embrace diversity during the recruiting, mentoring and retention of employees.

Winning the “Is Diversity Your Competitive Edge” award is an honor for Compliance Testings leadership team, an Arizona OEM regulatory compliance lab headquartered out of Mesa. CT’s focus on diversity isn’t just to help raise awareness but also to improve our talent pool. Diversity within a workforce ultimately leads to more profit as multiple perspectives and points of view can find solutions to complex problems that would otherwise have gone unsolved.

It’s Time To Celebrate Our Differences

Office buildings are turning into collaborative hubs, remote work has become the norm and now the time has come to make diversity the next characteristic employees demand out of their company. CT’s nomination came with a quote that perfectly captures why we put so much time and energy into diverse teams;

“CT’s commitment to valuing diversity is to continue to exemplify the value generated from diversity. We not only want to provide a culture that allows people to be objectively evaluated based upon their unique performance, character & contributions; We also want to help show other Arizona organizations how & why this benefits us.” 

With 60 years of experience in hiring based on talent alone, Compliance Testing hopes to be an example for other tech businesses when it comes to assessing their workforce. It’s important to not let dated values and ideals stand in between your company and further success. Diversity brings unexpected talent to teams of all sizes, truly making it a competitive edge that can’t be bought. Learn more about Compliance Testing or book a time to meet online today.

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