By law, electronic devices sold in the United States need to comply with FCC Part 15 and gain FCC certification in order to enter the market. 

While FCC certification grants access to the United States market, it is not recognized outside North America, including in the United Kingdom. The UK has its own regulatory framework for electronic devices, and it requires products subject to regulations to have a UKCA mark.

In some cases, the CE mark, which is gained via the CE certification process, is also accepted in the United Kingdom. 

As an ANSI-accredited electronics testing lab, we can test your device and help you get UKCA and/or CE certification, allowing you to market your device in the United Kingdom.

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You can also continue reading below to find out more about the status of FCC certification in the UK and Europe, as well as the process for gaining UKCA certification and UK market access for your device.

What is FCC Certification?

FCC certification is a common procedure for Federal Communications Commission equipment authorization. By law, electronic devices capable of emitting radio frequency (RF) energy must receive equipment authorization from the FCC (either via certification or the SDoC process) to go on sale in the United States.

Typically, devices that emit radio frequency energy intentionally, such as phones, Wi-Fi routers, and Bluetooth devices — require FCC certification. These devices are commonly referred to as intentional radiators, as they intentionally emit RF waves for communication. 

Devices that do not deliberately emit RF energy are referred to as unintentional radiators, and can often receive FCC equipment authorization via a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. 

FCC certification (or non-certification equipment authorization, in the case of an unintentional radiator device) is received by testing your device in an accredited lab and confirming that it’s compliant with FCC Part 15 standards, then receiving certification from a recognized TCB

Devices that have FCC certification receive an FCC ID and may display the FCC marking on their enclosure and/or packaging, granting them US market access. 

FCC Certification is Not Accepted in the United Kingdom

Although FCC certification is legally required for access to the United States market, it is not accepted in the United Kingdom. If your device currently has an FCC ID, you must complete additional testing and gain UKCA and/or CE certification to sell your device in the UK. 

Currently, electronic devices with either the UKCA mark or the CE mark can legally enter the United Kingdom market, with some exceptions for devices in special categories. 


The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) mark is a new compliance mark introduced after the United Kingdom left the European Union. It’s valid only in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) and does not apply in Northern Ireland.

The European Economic Area does not recognize the UKCA mark. This compliance mark is only valid in Great Britain.

The UKCA mark applies to almost all electronic devices, and requires that your device meets certain standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety. Specialized electronics, such as medical equipment, are subject to additional standards and requirements. 

Getting the UKCA certification is recommended if you only want to sell your device in England, Wales and Scotland, and do not require legal market access for your product in the European Economic Area or Northern Ireland markets. 

CE Mark

The CE (Conformité Européenne) mark is valid throughout the European Economic Area. It’s currently accepted in the United Kingdom for most electronic devices, excluding devices that belong to special categories. 

The UK government recently announced that it will continue to recognize the CE mark in the United Kingdom on an ongoing, indefinite basis. 

This means that most electronic devices can legally go on sale in the UK without receiving a UKCA mark specifically. The CE mark is recognized in Northern Ireland, 

Getting CE certification for your electronic device is recommended if you plan to sell it in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Economic Area, as the one certification gives access to both markets. 

FCC Certification vs. CE Certification vs. UKCA Certification

FCC Certification CE Certification UKCA Certification
Accepted in the United States Accepted in the European Economic Area and UK Accepted in England, Wales and Scotland only.
Requires compliance with FCC Part 15 Subject to several European directives Subject to several UK standards and regulations
Certification or Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity Declaration of Conformity

How to Get a UKCA Mark for Your Electronic Device

  • Identify applicable UK regulations. Electronic devices sold in the UK may be subject to several regulations. Our engineering and compliance team can help you identify the relevant regulations for your device and prepare standards for testing.
  • Complete testing in an accredited lab. To verify that your device complies with UKCA regulations, your device will be tested in an accredited lab. The testing process involves measuring radiated emissions, conducted emissions and electromagnetic immunity.
  • Prepare a technical file. Next, a technical file is prepared demonstrating your device is compliant with UKCA requirements. This technical file includes documents such as your device’s manual and test results demonstrating compliance.
  • Create a UK declaration of conformity. This is a document that confirms your device meets all relevant legal requirements. This document must be completed prior to your device’s entry into the United Kingdom market.
  • Affix the UKCA mark to your device. Before selling your device in the UK, you’ll need to affix the UKCA mark to the device’s enclosure and/or packaging. Our team can assist you with device labeling and regulatory compliance for UKCA.

Contact Us About FCC, CE & UKCA Certification for Electronics

FCC certification is not valid in the United Kingdom. To sell your device in the UK, you will need to complete lab testing and achieve a certification mark accepted in the UK, such as the UKCA or CE markings. 

As specialists in FCC, UKCA and CE certification, we can complete testing for your device and assist you in getting a UKCA or CE marking, granting you UK market access.

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