If you’re developing an electronic device, you’ll need to complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing before bringing it to market. 

This type of testing verifies that your device functions within the performance standards set by regulatory authorities, such as the FCC and European Commission. It’s important for receiving the compliance marks required to legally sell your electronic device. 

As an ANSI-accredited electronics testing lab, we specialize in electromagnetic testing and can complete radiated immunity testing for your device. We can also assist you with compliance for FCC Part 15, the EU’s EMC Directive, and other electromagnetic compatibility regulations.

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You can also continue reading below to learn more about the radiated immunity testing process and common equipment used in radiated immunity testing. 

What is Radiated Immunity Testing?

Radiated immunity testing is a process that’s used to evaluate how electronic devices respond to electromagnetic fields. These fields, which are called radiated emissions, usually come from other electronic devices. In some cases, they may come from natural sources.

The goal of radiated immunity testing is to verify that an electronic device can function normally, without malfunctioning or failing, when it’s exposed to electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

Radiated immunity testing is one of several testing procedures for FCC certification. It’s also an important aspect of compliance for other compliance marks, such as CE (European Union) and ISED (Canada). 

Equipment Used for Radiated Immunity Testing

Anechoic or Semi-Anechoic Chamber

As with other EMC testing procedures, radiated immunity testing is performed in an anechoic or semi-anechoic chamber. An anechoic chamber is a special testing environment that’s designed to absorb reflections of electromagnetic waves.

This provides a controlled environment that minimizes reflections and external electromagnetic interference (EMI), resulting in accurate test conditions. 

Signal Generators

Signal generators produce the electromagnetic fields used in radiated immunity testing. Devices of this type generate a range of frequencies and power levels to simulate the interference that’s encountered in real-life situations. 

During radiated immunity testing, the signal generator is connected to an antenna that emits the electromagnetic waves towards the device under test. 

Power Amplifiers

Power amplifiers are used to boost the signal generated by the signal generator so that testing can be performed at the appropriate power level for accurate assessment of the device under test’s radiated immunity. 


Several types of antennas are used for radiated immunity testing. Common antennas used for testing include log-periodic antennas, which can operate over a wide band of frequencies, and horn antennas, which are effective at higher frequency ranges.

Field Probes

Radio frequency field probes are used to measure the intensity of RF fields. They provide real time feedback to ensure that the environment within the anechoic testing chamber is within the specified limits for the test. 

Testing Software

Testing software is used to control testing equipment and automate the testing process. Using software allows for precise control over the signal generator, power amplifier, and other testing equipment used to generate RF energy and measure the device under test.


During the test, a turntable is used to rotate the device under test within the anechoic chamber. Using a turntable allows the orientation of the device to change relative to the electromagnetic field, providing an accurate immunity reading from all directions. 

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