If you produce or sell products that emit radio frequency or RF energy, they require certification in the US, Canada and Europe. The good news is that there are companies that will perform this testing for you, which comes in particularly handy if you want to certify and offer your products in multiple global markets. This article discusses why these rules are important and gives you an overview of how they differ in different regions.

What Is FCC Compliance Testing?

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission requires testing and certification for most products that give off RF energy. As a rule of thumb, any device oscillating at or above 9 kHz will require authorization from the FCC.

The testing requirements ensure that devices emit neither intentional nor unintentional radiation over the limit. By undergoing Compliance testing in the early stages of product development, you can ensure that your products pass FCC certification in plenty of time to launch your product as scheduled. A wireless local area network equipment is one example of a product that requires RF testing.

Compliance Testing provides product approval in major markets, including:

  • USA (FCC)
  • Canada (ISED)
  • Europe (CE Mark)

WHY Is ISED Certification Important in Canada? 

Innovation Economic Science and Development or ISED handles the compliance certification for products marketed in Canada. By obtaining this certification, makers and distributors of consumer electronics, radio, and other communication devices ensure the safety and well-being of the public.

In fact, manufacturers cannot sell radio products without receiving ISED Certification from an authorize third party. Products with this certification follow approved manufacturing and environmental guidelines. The regulations and testing requirements are set by the Canadian government.

A foreign certification body (FCB) such as Compliance Testing can handle all the details to ensure that your application goes through smoothly.

What Are the European Compliance Testing Requirments?

Europe has its own standard, referred to as CE marking. Radio products cannot be sold in the European Union without a CE mark. To obtain this certification, manufacturers have to assess their products and ensure that they meet EU environmental and health safety guidelines. In order to sell products within the EU, manufacturers in other nations must also meet these standards.

If you are a product manufacturer, it’s important to meet the requirements for the following reasons:

  • Ensure conformity with regional standards to give customers peace of mind and avoid penalties
  • Prepare and have available a technical dossier
  • Receive EU declaration of conformity

It’s worthwhile to work with a third party familiar with the requirements for CE marking, ISED certification and FCC certification. This avoids extra costs to pay in-house personnel to achieve the credentials needed to obtain the proper authorization.

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