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What is the FCC Mark?

Whether sold or made in the U.S., electronic products that emit acceptable levels of electromagnetic radiation are given the option of having an FCC mark or logo printed clearly on the product. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) used to require the mark on all electronic products until 2017, when they made the mark optional. However, electronic devices manufactured in the U.S. must still be specified by a Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity, otherwise referred to as an FCC Declaration of Conformity.

Electronic devices qualified to be stamped with the FCC mark are described by Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations (Part 18) as: …”medical, scientific, and industrial equipment that emit electromagnetic energy on frequencies within the radio frequency spectrum in order to prevent harmful interference to authorized radio communication services”.

Regulated by the U.S. Congress and existing as an independent government agency, the FCC further mandates testing of all electronic products with a frequency starting at nine kilohertz (kHz) up to 3000 gigahertz (GHz). Testing parameters are designed to verify electronic devices comply with FCC Code mandates to prevent products from interfering with radio services that operate within these ranges.

What is CE Certification?

The official abbreviation for “conformité européenne” (European Conformity in French), CE is a mark indicating that the importer or manufacturer of commercial products can attest to the product’s compliance with European environmental, safety, and health standards. Required to be stamped on all products sold in European Union countries and European Economic Area countries, the CE marking may also be found on goods sold in other regions. However, these goods must prove they comply with EEA standards.

If a product carries the CE mark, that product can be traded legally throughout the EEA, regardless of where the product was manufactured. If applicable, the CE mark may be accompanied by a four-digit number that identifies which notified body was responsible for affirming conformity to EEA regulations.

Products with CE certification:

  • Do not pose a risk of endangering the environment or human life
  • Meets or exceeds its purpose to provide a service, utility, or other function
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements mandated by European product edicts
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements for European performance and safety standards relevant to that product’s function

Failing to Obtain FCC Certification Could Result in Costly Fines and Penalties

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