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The Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, regulates the design, use and operation of communications devices. The rules and regulations set forth by the FCC are detailed in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations, or CFR.

FCC Part 90: Title 47 of the CFR provides guidance on the rules and regulations set forth by the FCC regarding wireless and radio communications. More specifically, Part 90 examines wireless and radio communications used in radio pools and radio-location services.

Created to protect manufacturers and end users alike, these regulations need to be met by any organization looking to do business within the Wireless Communications Service, or WCS.

As specialists in FCC regulations, testing and certification, we have 60 years of experience in achieving compliance with FCC regulations, including FCC Part 90.

You can learn more about FCC Part 90 below, including specific rules and regulations that are part of Part 90, the types of organizations this regulation affects, and how the certification and testing process works.

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FCC Part 90 Certification Testing

FCC Part 90 certification testing examines entire radio and wireless communications systems used in radio pools and radio-location. FCC standards under Part 90 are some of the most important as many public safety organizations rely on radio pools for rapid responses and uninterrupted service.

Groups such as search and rescues teams, emergency services and even public transit drivers all rely on a public safety radio pool. While manufacturers of products used under FCC Part 90 are the ones required to meet FCC requirements, the end user group is the target demographic when safety guidelines are implemented within the CFR.

Organizations that fall in the private sector of radio pools are considered to be industrial or business pools. Hospitals, schools, commercial sites and churches can access private radio pools licensed under FCC Part 90.

Lastly, FCC Part 90 covers radiolocation service licensing and approval. Radiolocation provides travel data for use in navigation. With the added concern of privacy attached to location services, the FCC requires that any party engaged in or providing radiolocation services to be licensed prior to launching their service.

Private FCC Part 90 Testing

Preparing a radio station to pass FCC Part 90 testing requires thorough documentation on behalf of your engineers and Compliance Testing team. Part 90 of the CFR will provide you with everything you need to know regarding FCC regulations, but interpreting and implementing these requirements will look different for each station.

Fixed, based and mobile stations all have separate requirements in order to apply under FCC Part 90. Each piece of equipment expected to be used during operation will be reviewed with supplemental information being provided to the FCC by Compliance Testing to help expedite the process.

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As specialists in FCC rules and radio system compliance, we can help you achieve compliance with FCC regulations, including FCC Part 90. We work with businesses and organizations of all types to achieve radio device compliance.

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