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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allocates all radio frequencies ranging from low frequencies to microwave frequencies. The regulations for each type of frequency are contained in the FCC Rules & Regulations; Title 47 is concerned with telecommunications. Manufacturers of wireless microphones and other similar applications must meet the requirements of FCC Part 74(Experimental Radio, Auxiliary, Special Broadcast, and other Program Distributional Services) before their products are allowed into the American market. 

Compliance Testing is here to ensure you are FCC compliant and ready for the market. Our team of experts is ready to provide top-notch testing of your microphones, in-ear monitors, production communications, and wireless camera links so you obtain certification.

What device does Part 74 testing cover?

Generally, Part 74 Testing and License grants you immediate access to the white space database while providing the right to reserve frequencies you require for an event or production. For several years license eligibility under part 74 was restricted to broadcasters and TV/film production companies. 

As of May 2014, the FCC expanded part 74 license eligibility to include professional sound companies and venues using 50 or more wireless microphones in hosting major production or events. Ideally, the Part 74 license gives theaters, venues, and event production companies the capability to operate wireless microphones in major events without any interference from unlicensed TV Band Devices. Generally, FCC part 74 testing concerns itself with the following devices:

  • Wireless in-ear monitors
  • Wireless mics
  • Wireless communications
  • However, Part 74 doesn’t cover operation in any ISM band (915MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz). Neither does it cover Land Mobile radios (450MHz band).
  • FCC certifications process

The FCC certification process follows the steps outlined below:

Choose radio frequency and design equipment: the first step is to research frequencies legally open to you and your equipment. Select frequencies based on factors such as radio range, size, optimization, and power.

Test during development: Have a certified testing service such as Compliance Testing to perform in-house pre-compliance tests during product development.

Register with FCC: the next step is to obtain a free FCC Registration Number (FRN) for authorization and approval of radio spectrum devices. The FRN registers your product with FCC before you obtain the Grantee code.

Compliance testing: once you obtain an RFN and grantee code, take a prototype and its technical specifications to Compliance Testing. We will evaluate the product and carry out applicable FCC testing to ensure your device meet required FCC standards.

Test report: we will then compile an FCC test report showing your product is compliant.

Documentation: provide all the necessary documentation for FCC filing

Certification and filing: we will review the test documentation before issuing your certification on behalf of the FCC. The FCC will then list your product on its approved list.

Am I at liberty to select my licensed frequencies?

A Part 74 license doesn’t provide the holder with the freedom to choose frequencies, meaning you won’t get exclusive frequencies. It offers licensed operation of the VHF-High (174-216MHz), UHF (470-698MHz), and VHF-Low (54-72MHz, 76-88MHz) bands covering a myriad of devices.

When should I register my event with White Space Database Administrators?

Once you obtain your unique Call Sign, you can now register your event with White Space Database Administrators. The database is FCC’S collective resume of all events using wireless mics and requires its own dedicated spectrum.

How long is the license valid?

A Part 74 license is valid for ten years from the date the FCC issued it.

Obtain FCC Part 74 certifications today

FCC Part 74 certifications are crucial if you are a manufacturer or user of wireless mics, wireless in-ear monitors, and wireless communications in specified categories. Compliance Testing is accredited to ISO 17065:2012 TCB and is recognized by the FCC to accept applications for certification on its behalf. We are committed to helping you get your product to the market as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more.