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The Federal Communication Commission regulates communications by wire, radio, television, cable, and satellite in all 50 U.S. states and territories, and the District of Columbia. The part of these regulations governing satellite communications is known as FCC Part 25.

Part 25 covers the technical standards and operations for parts used for two types of satellites. It also processes applications and licenses pertaining to satellite communications. The FCC’s Part 25 rules (under Title 47) are used by group satellites and commercial systems for geostationary and non-geostationary satellite orbiting (NGSO) systems.

The FCC satellite licensing rules were developed for expensive, long-term missions. Therefore, they can be burdensome for commercial projects. In 2018, the FCC begin to consider rules for small satellites and adopted a so-called Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that focuses on alleviation of orbital debris and efficient use of communication spectrums.

Why You Need Testing for Part 25?

The U.S. FCC and its Canadian equivalent, ISED, have put standards in place regarding the types of radio frequencies emitted by small satellites. There are numerous certifications manufacturers must obtain in order to produce legal, saleable parts for satellites.

As with any type of regulatory system, Part 25 is subject to occasional changes. Manufacturers often refer to subject matter experts offering a full array of FCC/ISED regulatory testing services. Since there are a limited number of organizations that offer full-scale compliance testing, it’s important for manufacturers to partner with reputable, proven contractors with years of experience wading through Part 25 requirements.

A rigorous test environment and expedited retesting process can ensure that manufacturer’s pass regulatory testing and avoid critical project delays.

Here are just a few of the many tests critical to Part 25 regulatory obligations:

  • From Base Station / Repeater Interoperability
  • Common Air Interface Trunked Base Station / Repeater Interoperability – FDMA testing
  • P25 CAP Inter Sub System Interface/Console Sub System InterfaceInteroperability

Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing refers to auditing policies in place at manufacturing facilities. These policies serve as the foundation for meeting regulatory requirements within each facility. Therefore, it’s important to test for compliance standards as a control for Part 25 regulatory testing.

Since 1963, Compliance Testing has help clients navigate the complex world of FCC regulations. We offer a full array of FCC testing services. Clients often turn to us for the latest information on regulatory changes and considerations. We are happy to arrange for ano-obligation consultation to help your organization remain compliant and win more bids in the satellite communications industry.

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