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FCC Part 22 pertains to Public Mobile Services that facilitate mobile and radio telecommunication. With public access being available through various consumer devices, the requirements set forth under FCC Part 22 are meant to protect all parties involved.

Through RF exposure testing, companies are able to help verify if a station system meets the regulations of FCC Part 22 in order to make it market ready. At Compliance Testing, our state-of-the-art lab can test systems of any scale for certification in both domestic and international markets.

FCC Part 22 Compliance Testing

Known as 47 CFR Part 22, this section of the FCC guidelines require wireless testing in lab conditions before licensure can be issued and a station is able to provide Public Mobile Services. A station must show they meet the requirements for licensure, outline how certification would benefit the public sector and demonstrate how operations would be handled in compliance with FCC regulations.

At the individual level, there are signal boosting products that can extend network access but still fall under FCC Part 22. Whether you’re operating a station or maintaining signal boosters as an individual, failure to comply with any FCC regulations will bar you from future operation.

47 CFR Part 22 covers the following aspects of a Public Mobile Services station:

  • Antennae
  • Ground Stations
  • Mobile Stations
  • Temporary Fixed Stations

Depending on the length of operation, the station may be established on a short-term basis but will still fall under the guidelines of FCC Part 22.

FCC Part 22 Testing Breakdown

For organizations needing to establish multiple stations in the Public Mobile Services, they can test and apply for multiple locations all at once with each application being treated as dependent on the other. This process helps to streamline application approvals through the FCC. 

Working with an established testing company can help prepare your stations for operation leading up to the initial FCC filing. While an approved application is required to start providing telecommunication services, the building and infrastructure can be created at any time.

Part of meeting Part 22 requirements is communicating with other carriers and stations which spectrum you’ll be operating on. Maintaining a fair and open mobile service space is paramount to accessible data and telecommunication services.

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