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When you are launching electronic products on the market, companies have several steps to follow. It is necessary to certify that the products placed on the market comply with the technical requirements established by national legislation, which in this case is FCC certification and testing.

As with other countries, in the United States, the sale of products is regulated by certification and regulatory bodies.

FCC certificate authorizes the marketing of electronic and telecommunications equipment only if it meets all the criteria for compliance with the applicable standards.

Products that pass the verification and approval procedures, obtain FCC certification, and can be introduced in the market.

From CT Compliance Testing we will explain the process of obtaining FCC certification.

What are the rules to follow according to the FCC?

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the competent body, which establishes rules and technical standards relating to various types of electronic equipment, including radio frequency devices, telecommunications terminal equipment and industrial, scientific and medical equipment.

All specific regulations, which refer to these and other devices, are contained in the different parts that make up Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations of the United States (Code of Federal Regulations).

The FCC regulations establish, for example, the maximum SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limits for ‘human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

In the first part 15, it regulates the quantitative limit of electromagnetic interference emitted by intentional emitters, radios transmitting without the need for a license, and unintentional emitters, electrical devices containing within them a digital circuit and operating at a frequency greater than 9kHz.

FCC compliance testing and approvals for cell phones, satellite telephony and radio transmitters are available in several places in the other parts of the regulation.

How do I get the FCC certificate?

The FCC has three different authorization procedures: Verification, Declaration of Conformity and Certification.

Depending on the products and procedures, approval for FCC testing and certification is the responsibility of the Federal Communications Commission or a Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB).

TCBs are institutions authorized to verify that the product meets the requirements to receive approval.

In practice, electronic devices requiring FCC certification must first be tested in test laboratories.

The test reports and technical documentation of the device need to be performed and examined by a TCB entity, who will evaluate the test results.

If the institution considers that the products comply with the protocols, it will initiate the necessary administrative procedures for the approval of the certification. This procedure will involve everything related to calibration, resistance and frequency measurement.

If an electronic equipment manufacturer wanted to expand its market within the U.S., they must receive FCC Certification.

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