FCC Certification Testing

For all your company’s FCC, IC, CE, EMC, EMI, RF and other compliance testing needs. 

Global Compliance Testing for over 50 years 

In today’s tightly regulated environment, getting your products compliance tested and to market as quickly as possible is critical to all electronics companies. Don’t be held up waiting for FCC, IC, CE, EMC, EMI or RF testing and certification.  Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your compliance testing along with certification report is complete and accurate.

Compliance Testing can provide fast, accurate FCC and other regulatory testing along with Product Safety testing and assessment at a competitive price. We are a full service Compliance Testing Lab and will work with you and your company to complete the entire FCC, IC or CE compliance testing process.

Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB) 

In addition to providing all of your FCC, IC, CE, EMC, EMI and RF compliance testing requirements, Compliance Testing can also handle your regulatory certification filing requirements through our TCB (Telecommunications Certification Body). Compliance Testing can take your project through the entire FCC Grant and/or Industry Canada (IC) Certification process. Visit our TCB link for more details on the FCC and/or IC certification process.  We can also help direct you in  acquiring a CE Mark for your product.

Compliance Testing has been an industry leader with over 50 years experience in FCC, IC and CE regulatory compliance testing and approval.  Give us a call today and see how we can help you navigate through the complicated regulatory process.

Frequently Asked Questions About FCC Testing and Certification

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The Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques (CISPR), or the International Special...