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As a proud pet owner, there are few things you wouldn’t do to keep your four-legged family members safe and sound. However, even the most devoted pet owners can admit that having a pet around can really do a number on your heating and air in Jacksonville, FL.

As a homeowner and a pet owner, there are some extra things you can do to make sure your home stays comfortable all year round. As you love on your furry friends, be aware that there will be more dander, pet hair, and dirt kicked up into the air than a home without pets. With that said, here are some regular habits you can incorporate to make sure this doesn’t become a serious HVAC problem.

Replace Filters Regularly

It’s important for everyone to change their filters regularly whether they have pets or not. However, if you do have pets, the filters will get matted with hair, pet dander, and other particles that can quickly clog up the filter. A professional experienced with heating and air in Jacksonville, FL may have some suggestions for you in terms of reusable filters that can be washed off with a hose.

Keep Your Home Clean

Then again, you may be able to prevent your filters from clogging constantly by keeping your house clean. With a lightweight cordless vacuum, quickly vacuuming the floors as part of your daily routine is easy enough to do. Regularly vacuuming is one of the keys to keeping hair and dander from reaching the filter at all.

Be Vigilant About Grooming

When you’re vigilant about bathing and brushing your pet regularly, you can do a better job at controlling hair and dander as well. Keeping your dogs and cats clean and brushing them every day will go a long way to make sure that the hair and dander they’re spreading around doesn’t make it past your brush. Make sure you get a brush that is designed specifically for removing pet hair, and schedule Fido’s appointment for the professional groomer every few weeks.

Clean Your Ducts

No matter what you do to keep your home clean, and regardless of how often you brush your pet, hair and dander will still get in the air and into your ducts. As it gets into the ducts, it’s allowed to be blown back out throughout the house every time you run the AC. Having your ducts professionally cleaned every few years by a licensed and insured HVAC technician is key.

Adjust the Thermostat When Pets Are Home

You may be comfortable only when the thermostat is set to 72 degrees year-round. However, your pets are not nearly as picky and are more comfortable with a wider range of temperatures. If you go off to work and leave Fluffy home alone all day, make sure to set your thermostat a little higher. Anywhere between 65 and 80 degrees is perfectly safe and comfortable for your pet.

Even with a pet, your home’s heating and air in Jacksonville, FL should run like clockwork if you’re maintaining it properly. Talking to the team at Ideal Conditions will help ensure everything is functioning properly.

Heating And Air Jacksonville Fl

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