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If you have manufactured or wish to import an electronic device, you must obtain CE certification of the product for its commercialization and placing on the European market.

Electronic devices and appliances are, together with medical devices, those to which European regulations require a more exhaustive control to prevent accidents with their use, due to the risks to which they may expose the user.

In Omologic we have important collaboration agreements with laboratories, both accredited and non-accredited, that can test your product with the best conditions.

Below we will summarize the procedure to obtain the CE certified on your product.

How to obtain CE marking certificate?

CE certification of Electronic Devices is obtained by the manufacturer by indicating that the device conforms to all applicable requirements set out in the European Union harmonized standard legislation that provides for its affixing.

The CE marking of electronic devices shall be affixed before the electrical device is placed on the market.

Electrical devices may only be placed on the market if, having been manufactured in accordance with the technical criteria in force in the Union for electrical safety and requirements, they do not endanger the health and safety of persons and domestic animals, as well as property, when correctly installed and maintained and used for their intended purpose.

What are the CE marking requirements for electronic devices?

Manufacturers of electrical devices must:

▪ Execute a conformity assessment procedure to validate the suitability of the electrical product.

▪ Perform internal production control to assess the conformity of the obligations by ensuring and declaring, under their sole responsibility, that the electrical equipment in question satisfies the requirements of this Directive applicable to it, in this case, Directive 2014/35/EU. See more about the Low Voltage Directive.

▪ Whenever necessary, depending on the electrical equipment to be certified, manufacturers shall test samples of the electrical equipment placed on the market.

▪ Elaborate the self declaration products and technical dossier that will allow assessing whether the electrical material complies with the relevant requirements, including an appropriate analysis and risk assessment.

▪ With the preparation of all these reports on the electrical product, in particular with the EU Declaration of European Conformity for its Electrical Device, the manufacturer shall assume responsibility for the conformity of the electrical equipment with the requirements set out in the relevant legislation.


We are a leading CE certified consultancy in the United States

CT Compliance Testing works as a Specialized CE Marking Consultancy. We perform all types of certifications and approvals.

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With our team of engineers, you will be informed at all times of the status of the CE marking process. This way, you will be able to establish your deadlines for marketing and supply.

Thanks to our expert engineers in CE Marking you will find great support to solve doubts about your certificate or other processes that affect your product.

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